my house

today we showed our house for the first time. i am not sure how i feel about it. i spent 2 hours before they came running around like mad. now i am worn-out and curious as to if they liked it.
does it matter?i like it…but they are the ones that would buy it, so now it does matter. i hope it looked okay.

2 thoughts on “my house

  1. ahhhh, the “showings.” i’m sure it was great. doesn’t relieve the anxiety, though, does it? at least you don’t really have to worry. it’s all in God’s hands, which does relieve the anxiety…

  2. We just went through this–hopefully our house closes on the 18th. I LOVE our house, but I hated the city we lived in. It was especially difficult for me because hubby and I gutted the entire house and rebuilt the way we wanted it just to move out 8 months later when the market sucks. :) Good luck!

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