i just can’t get over oregon

I took these out my car window, (yes while driving)…I am so glad that I am constantly memorized by the beauty that surrounds me. I think that is one reason God made seasons, just as you are getting used to the glories of one it is time for the next. Amazing.

3 thoughts on “i just can’t get over oregon

  1. Hubby and I were in Oregon a few weeks ago (Astoria) for a wedding and it was gorgeous–but cold!! And wet. :)

  2. trish- Cool! yes, Astoria is beautiful. I love Oregon. Sorry it rained for you, it does that all the time. ALL THE TIME. i like that too.

  3. I remember when I used to drive coast to coast, and there are some really beautiful places, like western Kentucky, and the mountains in North Carolina, and whenever I would come back to Oregon and drove through the Willamette valley, it always seemed like one of the nicest places and made me glad to live here. Now I drive to Seattle and back every week, and I consider myself lucky to have a job that lets me enjoy the Northwest beauty, and listen to the radio and podcasts a lot.

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