sweet peas kid’s cafe, corvallis or.

It is called sweet peas kid’s cafe, but honestly it is much more for the mammas than the kidlings, it is a place where you can take your kids to get them out of the house on a rainy oregon day, where you can sit and watch them play, while sipping some mocha. I have gone a couple times, and love it. They serve coffee to the mammas, or tea…and the kids have hot chocolate, chocolate milk, juice and yummy snacks. They also have lunch-type stuff, but we haven’ done that yet. We all loved it. the kids found plenty of toys that they were entertained by, and the chalk/ magnetic wall is insanely cool.

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  1. Adorable photos! We have no place like this in the Salem area, but I have been to Peanut Butter & Ellie’s in pdx, which is similar. I’ll have to check your spot out next time I’m down your way. Fun, fun!

  2. I wish they had this kind of place when my boys where small, it’s really a nice place for kids. I love the frog hat :D

  3. chelsea- awe, thanks! yes, it is fun. I will say that it is the best thoguh when there are no other little kids, or few….but I am a little anti-social (not much, but a little). The kids just play better.

    madeleine- It is so fun! I wish they had had them for you too! Yes, the frog hat is a hit everywhere we go. There is not much need for it anymore, since it has been in the 90-100 here. ahhhh!

  4. Where is this? It must be new.
    We have a couple cool places like that up here but there was nothing in Eugene or Corvallis when we were there. I am glad it is there for you now!

  5. That’s great! Holly (my sis) used to go to a place like this in Ashland, and we always planned to meet up together there, but we never did, and now they’re going out of business. :( As Chelsea said, nothing like that here in Salem. We’ll definitely have to check this out!

  6. jadah- it is downtown, on 4th. Whatever starbucks is on. It is newer, yes.

    heather- yes, it is a great place to go…fun for the kids and fun for the mamas!!!

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