me, b.

some pics of me. yesah! I hardly ever put pics of me up, well…mostly because I am the one always taking the pictures. And these are some funny ones, just so you know that I don’t take myself all thatsoooo seriously :)

did you have any idea that I was strong!? haha!

nope. not so much now.

this is one of my major gifts, it is how i entertain myself while looking in the mirror

10 thoughts on “me, b.

  1. Dang girl–you got some muscles!!! In my head that sounds like muskuls by the way. :)

    I know you used to be a cross country runner–do you still run?

  2. trish- haha! yes, I did cross county through high school and haven’t run again since. But have recently thought about starting up again. does that count!?! haha. no I know, it doesn’t.

    angel- for sure. they would want to come out and play too!!! :)

    brad- yep. sillies, we do the sillies when you are at work!

    ellyn- ha! thanks. I have never seen Madonna’s arms. I better check them out!

  3. trish- you are too sweet :) well…I run around like mad, I am a fidgety person, and both my parents are thin. my chances were kinda set up in my favor!!

    ( oh, and by the way…which you already figured out that last comment by “brad” was actually mine….I didn’t know he was still signed in)


  4. I love seeing your photos and it’s nice to see the woman behind the camera! I also love seeing another woman that feels free enough in Christ to be herself! :D

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