my wagon :)

I am so happy to have a wagon again. oh, the stuff I can fit in the back!!!! I love little blue. I just need to get some sort of music player that works installed….believe me, with little kids silly music is MUST on any sort of long trip, if only for my sanity!

4 thoughts on “my wagon :)

  1. YAY! We’ve had a wagon for years and I’m amazed by how much we can fit in there. We took FIVE people TENT CAMPING in only our little wagon. Amazing :)

  2. What a great little wagon! We recently checked around at newer models thinking that surely the new ones were more energy efficient than our 11 year old saturn wagon. Honestly, the mileage has gotten worse, not better! You were smart to get an older vehicle. I’ve always said a car should just get you from point A to point B in relative comfort and safety. Yous has style, too! BTW, we are keeping our beat up old car.

  3. thanks all….I love her!!! The only thing is getting used to driving a stick again:) but that is going really smoothly.

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