new header! (and new colours too)

Hey folks!! You have to come visit me and let me know what you think of my new blog header!! :) I am pretty excited about it. I chose the background picture because it reminded me of the broken glass a baseball through the window would leave…I thought it was fitting, since life isn’t always, good, sometimes it is for sure bad and ugly. Anyway…how do you like my new look?

5 thoughts on “new header! (and new colours too)

  1. Love it! I especially love the red background for the blog–very fall. You’ll have to teach me how to do the tabs at the top–I love that idea but just don’t know how. :)

  2. wow! i love this header as well!:) and i totally love the font you’ve used in both the sites.. at first look, i thought it was a shot of some stained cells under a microscope (i know! how could i??).. :) anyways, within a second i saw the light through the frosted glass. absolutely cool though!! awesome job.. so i guess in the end, it was time well spent:)

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