the simple pleasures: egg, toms, and buttered bread

Here is a food post on simplifying our food. this is what we had today for lunch. tomatoes with salt, pepper, oil and vinegar, bread with butter, and an egg. This could be lunch, it could be dinner, it could be breakfast…take your pick. I just know that it has amazing nutrients and only takes minutes to make. (well, longer if you make your own bread too…but it is fully worth it :)

I am adoring my tomatoes this year, super-sweet, filled with juice and never mushy. Ahhhh….so if you want a veggie side dish, just toms like this: cut them up, add olive oil, a tiny bit of vinegar, pepper and salt to taste. divine. these flavours always bring me back to my days in spain, as this is really the only salad dressing they use. oh, there are a couple more in the bowl, I am off to eat them. I can’t get over the salty,sweet, tangy, peppery goodness.

what simple recipes could you eat over and over?

3 thoughts on “the simple pleasures: egg, toms, and buttered bread

  1. yum! I think I need to live further south so I can have an avocado tree in my backyard. I could eat those all summer. esp w/tomatoes on a pita bread with some yogurt dressing and S+P. don’t forget the basil….

    my not-as-healthy comfort food is PB toast with chocolate milk (hot or cold) and bananas. that’s my busy morning breakfast. or lunch. but never dinner!!

    but oh for fresh salted tomatoes from the garden….

  2. That’s just what we had for lunch! Minus the tomato for me, little miss picky poo. But Including the little leaf of basil. Although I doubt my egg was as good as yours, since my girls aren’t laying yet.

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