one year later: dread update

I made my dreads a year ago now, (actually a year 2 months or so) I have no regrets. none. For me it is the perfect hairstyle, since I don’t like to fuss and mess with my hair every morning. okay, and just to clear it up, dreaddies do shower. I could shower every day, I don’t…but I could. I wash them too, did you know that? I have a non-residue leaving soap that I use. I do need to oil them to keep the fuzzies down, but I do that about once a month now (since the dreads are pretty tight) and it takes about 30 min.

I will tell you that in the beginning they are TONS of work, and I did doubt once or twice if I would make it through the process. I wondered if my hair would even dread at all….but with no problem it did. My hair is now done shrinking, which is great. It “shirnks up as all the knots form and the dreads tighten. Since I have fine hair they shrunk more. I really should weave in the frizzies…I just have never gotten around to it. I think I need a crochet hook for that, yeah I have not gotten that yet.

So, the reason for dreading my hair? I will tell you about it soon.

7 thoughts on “one year later: dread update

  1. I have to be honest that I’m intrigued. If I could have any hairstyle, I would shave my head. :) When I was younger (and about 25 pounds lighter) I had really short spiky hair, but I think I’m too heavy to carry it off (yes, I know I know I know…but the style looks best on cute little pixie girls). Now that I have a corporate job, I can’t really do any extreme hair styles anyway. My hair is incredibly thick, though, and retains water so most days it ends up looking like crap because I don’t have the patience to blow dry it all the way and then style. :) I could kick those girls who have naturally gorgeous hair.

    Anyway–dying in anticipation for the reason. :)

  2. Oh ya–how did you make your tabs? I’ve been really tired of my blog look and have been thinking of an overhaul. I love the tab business but am clueless… :(

  3. Umm, I’d like to second all of Trish’s comments. Including the tab fun and why the dreads. I think they rock.

  4. I love them! I have often thought about doing it myself. I think it looks fabulous on you! It’s nice hearing that they are not as much work after the initial stage. I have often wondered.

  5. Your dreads are quite cute. I love the beads you’ve added to it. I need to weave in my wild strands too, I just haven’t taken the time to do it either. I keep hoping in vain that they will somehow magically find their way into the perfect dread.

  6. ohh my God!! I have seen many people who are from Kenya and study here do it. And once I talked to one guy, who had it too ;) and he said that his friend could do it for me… but then I will be easily thrown out of the House for something this weird :-)

    i m so sorry[if my qs is weird and personal] but i really want to knw – doesn’t it itch? :-|

    this is cool… 1 YEAR! i can’t imagine my haor totally tied up one whole day :-)

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