27 quarts of red delight (aka roma tomatoes). I go through as many as we can every year. I hope to get my hands on more tomatoes, but it is not looking good. These are my favourite to can. What is your favourite thing to can? Or if you don’t can, what is your favourite thing your mom used to can, or your grandma? I was scared of canning for a long time. It seemed way to hard. I am over that now. Maybe because the home canned tomatoes just taste so good.

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  1. hey bethany! i’m so proud of all your canning. i didn’t get any of oregon’s bounty this year. *sniff, sniff* we are the jam makers. i’ve only canned peaches once. everything else we do every year is jams, jams, jams. when you’re done and looking at all the jars, isn’t that the best feeling?

  2. Yummy! I just finished helping my mom do a whole bunch of jam from the berries we got this year-raspberry and blueberry. Lots of work but it feels good when it’s done. My dad cans a lot of meat too. I’m not too fond of that because I don’t like the smell. lol.

  3. looks delicious! I don’t know how to can, maybe you could post how you do this roma tomatoes. those jars look wonderful red.

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