tea par-TAY!

We LOVE tea parties. Who said boys can’t enjoy a cup’o tea? These two sure can. We had licorice root tea, in pretty cups, cucumber slices, raisins, banana rounds and cheese. All by the light of a candle on a very rainy day. Oh, and all served on top my Fútbol Club Barcelona, soccer blanket.

No tea party is complete, at least in our house, without incense…..
it just makes life smell nice!

Enjoy your day, be it rain or shine!

5 thoughts on “tea par-TAY!

  1. Of course boys can enjoy a tea party. It looks like such fun too. The pictures are great and the boys looked like they were enjoying themselves. Definitely a good way to spend a rainy day I would say.

  2. Bringing beauty into the simple everyday is such a joyful skill! Looks like you and your boys had a wonderful time. I’m reminded of the need to beautify my own life more!

  3. Nice!! I mean I love the cups…andd the whole set…VERY PRETTY!! :-)

    and the last line will stay with em the whole day :-)

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