we be sickos


We are sick. Both my boys have croup, and are okay during the day, but barking at night and in need of tons of nighttime care, since they are having trouble breathing. It isn’t serious, it just sounds super bad, and makes them nervous. It goes away in a couple days on its own. I think I slept for four hours last night. I am sick too, with a head cold-yuk. Just when I thought we were getting better and recuperated from our super crazy, thrilling adventure with a bee hive on Wednesday, yes it was horrid. The boys are fine from that, I on the other hand still have a welt the length of a large watermelon on my thigh (ITCHY!!).

4 thoughts on “we be sickos

  1. Oh friend. I SO HOPE peple start feeling better soon. Croup in the night is HORRIBLE. It stresses me out. ((HUGS)) for you :)

  2. We were down for the count last week, too. It seems to be going around. Take care and try to get some rest (I know it’s next to impossible with sick babies at home).

  3. It is awful to be sick, I’m so sorry, and I was sad about the yellow jackets, but please don’t call them bees. We keep honeybees and they are so docile, it is the hornets and yellow jackets that are aggressive, and the poor bees get lumped in with them. :)

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