the dinomania continues

I don’t understand the infatuation with dinosaurs, not at all. But we are STILL in it. Yesterday we had some nice sunny weather and the j really wanted to build a dino-skeleton. He told us we needed to dig up bones and then build it. It was a pretty fun day!

If you come to our house, you will see the skeleton closest to the boys’ feet taped with masking tape and hanging on our wall, what can I say it is art! haha! no, j just really wanted us to display it.

5 thoughts on “the dinomania continues

  1. That is great! Did you bring the dino inside the house?
    I have left over stuff for the turkey cookies! I was thinking it would be a fun project for the boys to do together when you come up. I think they would all have so much fun!

  2. Did you see Andrew’s latest blog?
    I’m not entirely sure what that creature is, but I guess I get the feeling the NEVER really grow out of the dino phase…

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