Hazelnut Hill

We are blessed to live in a place in the world that takes great pride in its local treasures. one such delight are the hazelnuts, or filberts as some will know them. At our house we call them hazelnuts and get them from hazelnut hill, an excellent, local, home grown, fun place for an outing with the whole family. Corvallis Oregon has great treasures….this is one of our favourites during the Christmas season….we love giving these because whoever we give them to beg us for more in all their complements they shower on the flavour and sweetness of the nuts.

Not only can you get nuts, you can get them in all their forms…my favorite are the hazelnuts in dark chocolate, oh and the hazelnut toffee….oh, and they also have blueberries in dark chocolate and raspberries. Seriously…ya gotta try them, remember Hazelnut Hill.

they have a coffee shop as well….or hot chocolate shop (depending on your age and caffeine tolerance!)

3 thoughts on “Hazelnut Hill

  1. You live in such a beautiful place Bethany, the kind of places we for outing too. I have always enjoyed your pics, keep them coming…

  2. I get my hazelnuts from a farmer in Gervais who is a regular at the Salem Public Market (year-round), but this looks like such a fun place! I’m thinking we’ll head south next time we need hazelnuts…

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