above and beyond blessed.

oh, I have waited for this…sometimes patiently sometimes not so much. I have daydreamed about this camera for, well since they came out. It came today, YAY! I am not quite sure what to do with myself now. I want to know everything about it. Tonight instead of my usual novel reading I read the manual. Good stuff.

I will not even pretend I won’t inundate you readers with pictures, that would be most dishonest of me. I will share them as they come.

This dream would not have been made possible but for the generous gifts from my mom and dad, and my sweet new jersey grandpop Durand. You all have no idea how this has blessed me!!!!! (and also my B for finally giving in to the nagging after 6 years!!!!) Dad and mom bought me my first non point-and-shoot, a pentax for graduation from highschool. I adored that baby! I still love photography, thanks you guys!

7 thoughts on “above and beyond blessed.

  1. Wow, isn’t that a beauty. Even I love to take photographs but i don’t think i am ready to invest in this. I have a point and shoot Nikon which I love.

    Enjoy your camera.

  2. violetcrush- Oh, I am for sure enjoying….for sure. Thanks for your wishes!

    Tricia- Thanks for the heads up! Yay, that really is a good site. I have subscribed in my reader to them and should get updates. They have tons of really good information. Thank you!

    Angel- for sure!

    ellyn- YAY!!! (you are right)

  3. wahoo! this has been on my wishlist for awhile too. we’ll see how good uncle sam’s tax return is… or maybe next Christmas…

  4. holly- you’ll get yours soon too I bet!! :) yeah….sometimes that uncle sam really gets carried away! :)

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