I love daffodils, mostly because when they show it means spring is here. There you go, spring is has sprung. The rain has too, but at least it is warmer.

I have many favourte flowers though…jasmine (the smell, amazing) among them, oh and hydrangea, daisies…you know all the pretty ones.

What are your favourite flowers? What flowers are symbolic to you?

3 thoughts on “daffodils

  1. Just thought I’d let you know that this weekend is the annual Daffodil Festival in Gloucester, Va. We go to it every year … except maybe this year. You’d love it. So would Brad.

  2. i used to love white daisies when I was a kid.. It reflected my shy nature then.. As I grew up I became more outgoing and these days I find myself loving bright and sunny flowers – daffodils and sunflowers are on the top of my list now..:)

  3. Matt-HAHA! Yep :) Since you are into flower festivals, I think there is a tulip one here! You may have to stick around after June though…huh.

    Ramya-I know daisies are so sweet! I love sunflowers, and POPPIES! Poppies remind me of Spain, the red ones…beautiful.

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