Soddo Snakes, A Heart for Ethiopia

My son Jackson (9 yrs.) loves helping others. Together we thought of this opportunity for him to do something he enjoys while raising money to donate to the benevolent fund at the Soddo Christian Hospital in Southern Ethiopia.

These Soddo Snakes are incredibly multi-purpose!! The kiddos will LOOOOOVE to play with them.The smaller snakes are perfect as toys or as special pets. The longer snakes can be wrapped around your neck like a scarf. Soddo Snakes enjoy being draped over your computer screen, placed in your bookshelf, or curled up and displayed in your home :)

Each Soddo Snake will vary in length and size. Keep in mind that they may have imperfections, as they are made by a young boy, but as you can see from the pictures they are adorable just as they are!!

Soddo Christian Hospital provides quality care for the people of this developing nation at an extremely low cost. However, there are many who cannot pay the fees. The proceeds from this listing will go to these patients. We are donating our time and materials so that 100% of the proceeds will be effective in aiding the people of Soddo, Ethiopia.

For more information about this hospital visit the Soddo Hospital Website. 

Here is a video with more info as well.

Some current stats on Ethiopia:
*Over 40% of the population of Ethiopia is undernourished.
(according to World Food Programme )
*3 out of 4 Ethiopians live on less than $1 per day
*About 29 per cent of the population lives below the national poverty line.
*Ethiopia ranks 174th out of 187 countries on the United Nations Development Programme’s human development index, and average per capita incomes are less than half the current sub-Saharan average.

If you would like to have a closer look at the Soddo Snakes, go to our etsy shop.


3 thoughts on “Soddo Snakes, A Heart for Ethiopia

  1. First of all, welcome back! I tried commenting on your last post and for some reason I couldn’t. (Can’t remember why now!) This is such a great idea. More parents should encourage their children to help those that are less fortunate. If we all did, then maybe we would set a good example that would last in their adult-hood. (I also love your comment form! This is another thing that kids don’t learn!)

  2. My kids love their Soddo Snakes!! They have provided endless entertainment through our travels. I’m proud of you, Jackson!

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