It Is A New Day. New Blog Home!!

Out with the old and in with the new!!! It was just time for to be put to rest and for us to start a new family-focused blog. I have lived at dreadlockgirl for over 7 years and now it is time for a fresh new beginning, a place we can all call home.

Head on over to my new home!! We decided to choose Faith & Mountains as our new title. We chose it because no matter what season we are in, God has asked us to have faith, the kind of faith that sees the mountains in our lives as though they were rooted up already and thrown into the sea. This new title is a coming of age of sorts, where all the same good old things from my last home will still live, but it is a new beginning for us as a family. A walk of trust. We believe greater things are in our future than that which is behind. Thankful for each of you that are in our lives and bless us day in and out. You make life fun!!!

So now you know where we can be found!

Ps. Keep in mind that it is still a work in progress. Aren’t we all!?! ;) Soon the title logo will be bigger than a penny (If i can figure out how to change it!)


7 thoughts on “It Is A New Day. New Blog Home!!

  1. I love this!! Just found it this evening. What’s funny is I tried opening the site on our Mac and it froze every time. But I was able to see it on my phone. Funny.

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