Missions Trip to Ethiopia!!

Over the last months we have become connected with the Soddo Christian Hospital in Soddo, Ethiopia and have had a heart to help the people who live there through giving to the benevolent fund. Many of you have helped as well by purchasing the Soddo Snakes that J has been knitting so diligently. He has such a sweet heart to give. We have donated $121.36 for the people of Soddo, from the snakes alone!! YEAAH!!

A missionary position is open there which we have been praying into. It is a head administrative position for the hospital.  The hospital has invited Brad to go over and consider filling it. So in June he is going on a scouting trip there to determine if we are to go through the process of moving there and becoming full-time missionaries.

We really need prayer for wisdom as we consider this. If it is of God we want to move forward, if He would want us to remain where we are or call us elsewhere we just want to be there. Wherever he wants us to be, that is what we long for.

Here is a link to the newsletter that we just printed. If you’d like a hard copy just email us your home address and I can get it sent to you. Or feel free to print this pdf! We really ask for prayer. We know the power of prayer and therefore know that we can’t make it without prayer. Bless you all for the sweetness of your hearts toward the father, and how much you have blessed us. Thank you!!!!!

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