Canfield Ethiopia mission trip: God did something awesome !!!!

The Husband, AKA, Brad :) Just sent this out to those who have asked for email updates. I am posting it here too, in case some of you are not on the email list. God is really amazing, may the glory be all His!!! We are just learning to take our first steps of walking by faith and not by sight.

God did something amazing this weekend! Bethany, Jackson and Oliver now get to come with me on the trip!


Thanks to the amazing support of everyone on this email, I was able to buy my ticket for Soddo a few weeks ago The plan was for me to go on the trip alone. But this last Saturday, God changed all that. We were praying on Saturday night, and God clearly told us that our whole family is supposed to go. So we took a financial step of faith and bought three more tickets (imagine the looks on Jackson and Oliver’s faces when we told them!). Amazingly, seats on all of my flights were still available, so the four of us get to fly together!


I’m going to be honest – buying these tickets was a big step of faith for me. I woke up the next morning hoping that we had done the right thing. Five minutes later, a friend texted me to say that he and his wife were sending a check for $1,500 toward the trip. (They had no idea about the decision we had just made the night before.)


God used these friends in a powerful way to speak to our hearts and confirm that we made the right decision. He has used each one of you in similar ways to encourage us and speak to us over the past several weeks. Again, thank you so much.


So, we are now walking at a new level of faith! Our financial target for the trip just changed from $3,000 to $9,500 – but we’re already well over half way there! This is not in any way a plea for more financial support. It’s a celebration of how God has moved our hearts, and how he is providing exactly what we need to pursue what he has asked us to do! He is awesome and amazing!


We are so honored to have each of you be a part of this journey. We fly out on June 20, and we’ll look forward to emailing a few short updates to all of you when we are in Ethiopia!


With love,