Welcomed to Another World

Our first few days in Soddo Ethiopia have been incredible. So full of God’s presence and joy as we see him touching the people of this nation through medical care. Here are some updates:

Brad is in meetings much of each day, basically getting an intensive crash course in how Soddo Christian Hospital operates. Every day the hospital is flooded with Ethiopians seeking help, many of them walking for days to get here. When they arrive, they get good care, but they also get to hear about Jesus. People are getting saved on a regular basis! The hospital is growing rapidly and now has 300 employees, which is why it’s in need of a new administrator.

Bethany has been getting to know the other missionary families, visiting the school that the hospital has set up for local kids, and learning what it’s like to run a household in rural Ethiopia.

Jackson and Oliver are playing in the dirt, climbing avocado trees, and playing soccer. They are having a blast.

This morning all four of us were able to go around the hospital and help pray for patients (including a one year old boy who had glass removed from his throat yesterday). We were accompanied by an Ethiopian nurse named Teddy who is one if the most on fire Christians we’ve ever met.

That’s all for now. Thank you so much to all of you for your prayer and support. We are all doing well and seeing a side of God we’ve never experienced before.

The Canfields