Loving the people here

Our time here in Soddo, Ethiopia continues to be full of God’s presence and power. He has shown us so much in the last week that we almost feel like our hearts can’t hold any more.

God has unified us with the missionary and Ethiopian leaders at the hospital, and everyone seems to be in agreement on what it would look like practically for Brad to step in as an administrator for the hospital. Now we just need to continue to pray and see if God gives us the green light to pursue this long-term mission opportunity.

Probably the most impactful thing that has happened on our trip has been our exposure to the amazing people of this country, and to the medical missionaries who are here serving them. The need for medical care in southern Ethiopia is absolutely overwhelming from a human perspective. Soddo Christian Hospital serves as the only orthopedic trauma center and CT imaging station for a large region, meaning that a small hospital with 300 staff is serving a population of millions of people.

But this situation is not overwhelming to God. He has brought together American missionaries and Ethiopian believers to not only provide good medical care to those who come to the hospital for help, but to provide something far more important: the message of salvation and the discipleship of Jesus Christ. As one Ethiopian nurse told us, “First I care for my patients. When they have seen that I care, then I share Jesus. Many are open to the gospel because they have seen that I truly care about them.”


We look forward to being back in Oregon on Tuesday. Thank you again for all your prayers, encouragement and support. We’d love prayer for a safe journey home.

With love,

The Canfields