Soddo Christian Hospital Vision Trip

Soddo Christian Hospital Visit from Bethany Canfield on Vimeo.

Thank each of you for your support through prayer and finances. We can’t even describe in words fully what God did, but here is a short video of pictures and clips of our trip. We are back and (mostly) recovered from our whirlwind trip to Ethiopia. After taking time to pray and wait on the Lord, and after meeting with Chad the missions pastor at Calvary Corvallis yesterday, we are beginning the lengthy process required to go into long-term missions at Soddo Christian Hospital! Together in agreement with the hospital’s leadership, we believe that God is calling us to move to Ethiopia so that Brad can serve as the hospital’s head operations administrator, and so that all four of us as a family can be involved together in reaching southern Ethiopia with the saving love of God. Because the administrator position is a full-time missionary position, there are many steps we’ll need to complete over the coming months in order to get onto the mission field. Our immediate next steps involve completing an application process with the hospital (so that we can get work visas for Ethiopia), and getting on board with a missions administration agency so that we can begin to raise support. One of the awesome things about Soddo Christian Hospital is that the 300 Ethiopian employees are all paid, but the small handful of western missionaries who serve there are 100-percent funded by support. This means the western missionary staff doesn’t cost the hospital anything, creating as many jobs as possible for local Ethiopians. It’s a really cool model. So, if you want to hear about how we had rocks thrown at us one day (this is a much funnier story than it sounds like), what it’s like to drive in a country with literally no traffic laws, what it’s like to work at a hospital that still treats polio patients, how 117 Ethiopian prison inmates got saved in one day, and other stories from our trip – please set aside July 20 at about 12:30 p.m. on your calendars! After Sunday service at Calvary Corvallis that day, we will do a brief presentation of our trip in the multi-purpose room, including pictures and stories. Oh, and we’ll also be serving amazing, fire-roasted Ethiopian coffee that we brought back from a small family farm! We would love to have as many of you join us as possible. This was not just our trip. It was yours as well. You were each a part of it through prayer, support and encouragement. We could not have gone without you.   With love, The Canfields

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  1. It has been a while since I have popped inhere, and for some reason, I have been feeling like I needed to come and read. This is the first chance I have gotten, and reading and watching your video has gotten ,y heart beating wildly with joy and I am close to tears. Missions is my heartbeat and there is no greater joy than to hear some one obeying the call. Know I will be praying for you and if there are specific needs, please feel free to let me know. I am disappointed I missed your julu 20th thing. We had juat come back from taking the kids to Cleveland on missions. GOD bless all your efforts!

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