Canfield Ethiopia Hospital Mission Update – Oct. 2014

Brad meeting people he admires
Brad meeting people he admires

Faith & Mountains Family,

The Ethiopian in this picture with Brad is named Asdesach, and he has an amazing story to tell. When we visited Soddo Christian Hospital in Ethiopia earlier this year, we had the privilege of meeting Asdesach, who is the infection control manager for the hospital. At least, that’s his day job. Like so many of the hospital staff, Asdesach is a passionate Christian, and he wants to do everything he can to reach his country with God’s love.

So, several months ago Asdesach helped put together a medical outreach team from the hospital to go into southern Ethiopia’s prisons. The concept is simple and beautiful: the team provides free medical care to prison inmates and then shares the Gospel message with them.

“These men are very hungry for any kind of grace, for someone to show them kindness and love,” Asdesach told us. “When we come in and give them medical care, it touches them deeply and they respond to God’s love.”

The fruit of this medical outreach speaks for itself. A few days before we landed in Ethiopia, Asdesach’s team did an outreach at a local prison, and 117 inmates accepted Jesus as their savior.

People like Asdesach are the reason we believe God has called us to move to Soddo, so that Brad can serve as the hospital’s chief operating officer and all four of us as a family can be involved in outreach projects to Ethiopia like the one Asdesach is leading. We want to help Asdesach and the others at Soddo Christian Hospital reach more Ethiopians with God’s love.

We’re starting to pray very seriously being ready to move to Ethiopia in February 2015, in time to help Soddo Christian Hospital celebrate its tenth anniversary. While we have a very long list of things to accomplish before we’re ready to move, we have definitely seen God bless our mission in a huge way so far, and we have faith that He will provide everything we need to get Ethiopia when He wants us to be there.

If you’re interested in our support-raising progress and in specific prayer requests, there are two brief posts below.

With love,

The Canfields

Amharic lesson with Paulos and other MKs
Amharic lesson with Paulos and other MKs
The Canfield family enjoying tiny cups of crazy-strong,  black Ethiopian coffee with a lot of sugar at a traditional Ethiopian coffee ceremony.
The Canfield family enjoying tiny cups of crazy-strong, black Ethiopian coffee with a lot of sugar at a traditional Ethiopian coffee ceremony.

Support raising update

Since last month’s newsletter, when we shared that Brad turned in his three-month resignation notice at his job, many people have signed up to support our ministry financially, and 30-percent of our monthly budget is now covered. That’s outstanding progress! We’re so thankful for those who have been used by God so far to help fund what He has called us to do. More information on signing up to be part of our monthly support team is available at We need to be 100-percent funded before we leave for Ethiopia.

Prayer requests

·         For wisdom as we pray about moving to Ethiopia in February

·         For favor as we begin the Ethiopian visa application process

·         For comfort and peace as we decide what to do with family pets

·         For our hearts as we get ready to leave and step into this calling

Thank you so much for giving. Thank you for your hearts of encouragement. Thank you for loving the nation of Ethiopia by giving your finances for us to go serve  people you have never met. The heart of The Father beats for them, just as it does for you and I. Thank you for hearing His heartbeat.

To give financially please click here and on the form you can select if it is a ONE TIME gift or if you would like to be a part of our MONTHLY SUPPORT team.