We have plane tickets for Ethiopia!!!! Thank you!

Hospital entrance!
Hospital entrance!

Leaving for Ethiopia in February!!
Thanks to you we are on our way to serve.

Thanks to incredible support from so many of you, it’s time for us to move to Ethiopia! Our departure date from the Portland Airport is Feb. 26. We want to say thank you again to all of you who are supporting us through giving, praying, helping in practical ways, and encouraging us. Our God is an amazing God, and He is using you to help us in our mission.
Here’s what life will look like for us, starting on the day we leave for the airport. We’ll have about 32 hours of traveling between Corvallis, Oregon and Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (the capital city). Once we land in Addis, we’ll stay there for about a week to get some key supplies and to finalize our visas. Then we’ll make the five-hour drive down to Soddo, and we’ll move into our home on the Soddo Christian Hospital campus. Once we get moved in, we’ll begin language lessons, and Brad will start learning the ropes at the hospital. At least, these are things we’re planning on. We’re sure that a few twists, turns and unexpected events will happen along the way.

While we’re excited to get moving, we’re also incredibly sad to leave family and good friends. There are no words to describe how much we’ll miss those of you who live close. On the bright side, we’ll be able to email, Skype and possibly even make phone calls from Ethiopia (when the power is working, that is).

With love,

The Canfields
Highlights and Prayer Requests
  • Our business visas were approved by the Ethiopian government. Thank you to those of you who prayed for this. Once we’re in Ethiopia, we’ll need to apply for a permanent work permit, and Ethiopian residency cards.
  • Please also pray for safety, health, favor and the ability to sleep during the long trip to Ethiopia. We’d also love prayer for God’s help in getting our dog over to Ethiopia (something very important to Jackson and Oliver).
  • Above all, we would love your prayers for God to be honored in our mission, for patients to be blessed and healed at the hospital, and for the good news of Jesus to be spread in Ethiopia.




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Thank you for impacting the people of Ethiopia!