Thanks to you we are able to serve.

Dear Faith & Mountains Family,

Thank you for your prayer for us along the way. We wanted to share just part of our travel story with you.Traveling Mercies Welcome us to Addis, Ethiopia

After traveling half-way around the world, we arrived at the Addis airport. We checked 17 bags in Seattle and not one of them was lost. The dog arrived onto the conveyor belt just 15 minutes later and made a ruckus. The Ethiopians were so confused and intrigued by these crazy ‘faranji’ (foreigners) with the yodeling yellow furry dog that Bethany walked straight out of the customs area and none of our paperwork was even checked. She used a trick she learned as a missionary kid: walk like you know where you are going and people think you do. She walked right out  the doors with the boys and dog.

Brad was left behind to deal with getting the 17 bags through customs. The Ethiopians scanned each bag and had no issues with any of our items. They were interested in the kitchenaid mixer until Brad said it was for cooking. After opening that bag the checkers got distracted so Brad took a bee line for the exit as well, along with the very perceptive porters that we had hired to push carts with bags for us. After we got out we learned that many coming through can spend 6 hours getting out of customs, and often have to pay or leave items behind. We thank God for this tender mercy.

Not a single issue. Not a single problem. This was what we believed God was saying the whole time as we prepped for travel but were scared to believe it for fear of disappointment. He said it would almost seem too easy, that His favour is on us, that He is faithful, that He is good.

But isn’t fear a crippling thing? Leading up to the trip each of us had fears that were not unfounded fears in human terms. But when God says, ‘you are going to do this, and you are going to walk in my confidence and I will tame the waves all around you and bring smooth sailing to your journey. I am with you’. Then  there is a choice to make. To hear those words ‘smooth sailing’ echo in our minds, or let the fear echo. God challenged us to walk in active faith, not a faith that says, ‘We will see what the Lord will do,’ but faith that says, ‘The Lord said, and  I know Him to be faithful to His promises, I know Him to be good’.  This was such a tender, tender mercy for our family. This road before and behind us is not without loss, but there is one thing that we cling to- JESUS is always with us as we walk in surrender to Him.

We don’t know what this journey will be, we don’t yet know the hard parts of this trek, but we do know we want to hold the hand of our maker each step, in each decision, and each day. That daily we would give of ourselves and gain what cannot be owned, that daily we would choose faith over the crippling fears, that each moment our gaze would be into His eyes- the only one who calms the storms and readies us for what is ahead.

Thank you to each of you for the part you have played in this journey, and the part that you continue to play. Thank you for your prayers, encouragement, practical support and your sacrifice. THANK YOU.

With love,
The Canfields

Prayer Requests
  • Pray that God would help us with language school as we learn a very difficult African tribal language.
  • Pray that we would integrate well into the Ethiopian community and into our mission team at the hospital.
  • Above all, we would love your prayers for God to be honored in our mission, for patients to be blessed and healed at the hospital, and for the good news of Jesus to be spread in Ethiopia.

HOME. This is Selam Bet, our home. We were welcomed to Soddo with sheets on our beds, meals in our fridge and so many sweet smiles and hugs, welcomed by the Soddo Christian Hospital team. We love our new home!!!

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