Our First Months in Ethiopia

Learning language, adapting to culture, building relationships



Dear Faith & Mountains Family,

It’s hard to believe that we’ve now been in Ethiopia for more than three months. So much has happened, it feels more like three years have gone by.

Here are a few recent highlights from our mission and our family:

Brad’s work permit: The Ethiopian government has issued Brad his permanent work permit to serve as an administrator at Soddo Christian Hospital. This is a huge answer to prayer, as it took three months to complete the process.

Language training: We’re the first missionaries at Soddo Christian Hospital who have been able to move straight to Soddo for Amharic language training, thanks to the hiring of a full-time Amharic teacher here. Those who came before us had to live in the capital city of Addis Ababa (six hours north of Soddo), where they typically spent four to six months in language school. We are so blessed to be able to train in Soddo, with our amazing language teacher Paulos.

Relationship-building: One advantage to doing our language training in Soddo is that it allows us to build relationships with the Ethiopians who Brad will be working with at the hospital shortly (once language training is complete). Each Thursday morning, Brad and his four administration team-mates have an in-depth Bible study and prayer meeting. It has become a precious time and is allowing Brad to build friendships before he starts working with Desalegn, Demmise, Hizkiel and Gebeyehu.

Ministry: Even as we focus most of our energy on language training, we’re still getting our feet wet at the hospital and in the Soddo community. Bethany recently visited the female inmates of the Soddo prison, where a spiritual revival is taking place, and she’s now running the hospital’s website (soddo.org) and social medial channels. It’s also very powerful and sobering to walk the halls of the hospital and pray for patients who are in need. What an amazing thing to be a part of a hospital that not only provides excellent medical care, but also shares God’s love. If you want to read more, below is a short article by Brad about how we’re using our CT scanner to reach our entire region with the Gospel.

Family: God just opened up an opportunity for our family to move off the hospital compound and into the Soddo community. Our new house is surrounded by a huge jungle for Oliver and Jackson to play in, and lots of Ethiopian kids to play with.

It’s also only a few minutes from the hospital. All four of us are doing really well here – spiritually, emotionally and physically (after two months of frequent sickness, our immune systems seem to have finally adjusted to Africa). It seems clear to us that God wants us here in Ethiopia. A big reason for this is the prayer covering that so many of you provide for us on a daily basis.

With love,

The Canfields

This is our new home.


Prayer Requests
-Language Training: We need God’s help each day to continue working towards fluency in Amharic.
-Community Integration: Pray that we continue to develop strong relationships with our Ethiopian and expat neighbors. Pray that we learn how to adapt to a culture that is so different from America.
-Hospital Work: Pray for wisdom and favor as Brad transitions out of full-time language training and into working at the hospital. There’s so much to be done!

God is using a CT scanner
to reach five million Ethiopians with the Gospel

In 2013, an anonymous donor gave nearly $1 million in equipment to Soddo Christian Hospital. While the donation contained dozens of important items, the gem of the collection was a brand new computed tomography (CT) scanner. By itself, this one piece of equipment is helping us spread the Gospel to the five million people in our region of Ethiopia.

Here’s how.

CT technology produces tomographic images (literally layered slices) of the inside of a patient’s body. Think of a standard x-ray machine, such as the kind you might have experienced if you broke your arm as a child. That type of machine can produce only one snap shot of a patient. But a CT scanner can produce a picture of each layer of the patient, giving us a vastly greater amount of information, which in turn helps us make much more accurate diagnoses, and guide more effective treatments for patients. It’s not hard to see why a CT scanner has become an important tool for any hospital to have.

And, currently, we have the only CT scanner for our region of five million people.

What does this mean in practical terms? It means that patients from all across our region, many of whom lives hundreds of kilometers away, come here to Soddo Christian Hospital for their treatment because they require a CT scanner. And each one of these patients receives the Gospel message from our staff. In fact, orthopedic patients (those needing treatment on their bones) are the most frequently in need of CT imaging, and these patients tend to have long hospital stays (often lasting weeks) as they recover from surgery, which means we can share the Gospel with them over and over again, and disciple those who receive Christ!

Our CT scanner and the amazing staff who operate it are huge examples of why I’m so excited to serve as an administrator at Soddo Christian Hospital. Good health care is such a vital need here, and when we provide it in the name of Jesus, amazing things happen.



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