Answered Prayer in Ethiopia!! We’ve been in Ethiopia for one year!

We are praising God for the rains. He had mercy and sent water to this land!!!
We are praising God for the rains. He had mercy and sent water to this land!!!

Ethiopia is experiencing a drought this year due to a poor rainy season. It’s been very hard on the farmers here in Soddo. It has been so hard to watch our Ethiopian friends struggle to figure out how they will provide food for their families in the coming months as they have watched their crops begin to dry up. But recently, the people in the village around our house held an all-night prayer meeting to ask God for rain. The next night we had a huge rain storm. And the night after that it happened again. It is almost unheard of to have rainstorms like that in the middle of the dry season. The rain has continued, soaking the ground and bringing green back to the fields around our house. Last night, we listened with joy as one of our Ethiopian friends names Seytah sang a song of thanksgiving outside our bedroom window. He was thanking God for the rain, which is keeping his corn alive for his family. What a privilege to get to see first-hand how God cares for the people of Ethiopia.

What an incredible year it has been here in Ethiopia, full of some amazing joys and some intense challenges.

One of the greatest joys was all of the support, prayers and encouragement that poured in over the holiday season. Thank you to all of you who were a part of that – through your financial giving, your encouraging emails, your care packages, and more. A very special thank you to the Lang family, our good friends from Oregon, who visited us for Christmas!

One of the most intense challenges for us recently has been learning to live without electricity for the last three months. One night in early December, we heard a loud explosion outside our house. The next day we learned that the power transformer that supplies electricity to the houses on our mission compound (we live about 10 minutes from Soddo Christian Hospital) had blown up, meaning we would be without power until the transformer could be replaced. We’re still waiting. In the meantime, we are incredibly blessed to have a small generator which allows us to power a fridge and charge our phones for a couple of hours a day. But every night, we navigate by candles and flashlights. God is teaching us so much about simplicity, thankfulness, faith and patience through this experience.

Following are some update on our ministry at Soddo Christian Hospital, and life as a family in the mountains of southern Ethiopia.