A Chapter Comes to a Close: Leaving the Mission Field


Our US furlough time officially ends in a couple of days. We’ve been using our furlough to pray, fast and seek wisdom and counsel about our long-term plans, based on the six-month State of Emergency in Ethiopia and the warning from the US State Department against travel to Ethiopia during this time. As you know – we made the decision not to bring Jackson and Oliver back into Ethiopia during the State of Emergency.

This development in Ethiopia makes it untenable for us to live and serve together as a family in Soddo in the near future. We don’t believe that God wants us to take our family through the exhausting transition of moving to a different mission field. For these reasons, we’ve made the very difficult decision to begin the process of exiting from the mission field at this time. This decision is very sad for us, but we also feel it’s pretty straightforward, and based on drastically altered circumstances on the security situation within Ethiopia, and the impracticality of moving to another new mission field.

We’re grateful for the last two years of service in Ethiopia, and we absolutely have a peace that we accomplished the things that God wanted us to during our time there. In addition to redoing the hospital’s management system , creating a new budget, and helping to promote and train up new managers at the hospital, we were also able to invest in some amazing relationships with young Ethiopian leaders and students. We feel good about how we’ve finished all of these efforts. We believe this is God’s timing, even though it was not the timing we expected when we came home for furlough four months ago.

Our current plan is to settle back in Corvallis for this next season of life. Brad is beginning a search for a new job.

Thank you for joining us on this adventure for the last two years. It was full of twists and turns, and also marked by God’s goodness, provision, and His love for the people of Ethiopia.

With love,

The Canfield family