IMG_2060My name is Bethany. I am a different kind of girl, and much of the time I am okay with that. I have dreads, and like to shoot guns. I wear cowboy boots and don’t care about fashion or being dirty. I love others with my whole heart, and yet I fail them all the time. I am completely present in every moment. I have regrets. I am very imperfect. But I am brave, and have a lot of fight in me, I am not tame, I love wandering trails and open roads- especially dirt ones…and I am learning what it means to belong to my Abba, and for him to belong to me.

In the fall of 2013 God asked us to trust Him and ‘GO’ to the nation of Ethiopia to serve the people there at Soddo Christian Hospital. My family served there for two years and then we returned and started the hard process of re-entry back to the place we had known as home. We had all changed, our friends had changed, and life is still in the process of feeling normal again. I had heard that coming back was harder than going onto the mission field, but it has proven to be true for every one of our family.

I left for the mission field, fueled by faith and hope and came home reeling with loneliness, barely limping along in my faith. I held Jesus, but barely and still am working through the pain of what I felt drug through in Ethiopia. I won’t let go though, where would I go? Who else has the words of eternal life? But in the process of staying, so much healing needs to take place. If you are in a place where you need healing, stick around, maybe my story can encourage you as you watch me learn again to cling to my Abba.

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