Here are some answers to some of your FAQ. If you have others let me know and I will add them as well.

When did you arrive in Ethiopia?
We arrived in Ethiopia in the end of February 2015 !! Thank you to each of you who have given, prayed and loved us through the support raising season.

You have to raise support?? Why do you live on support? Can’t the hospital pay you?
Soddo Christian Hospital is a mission hospital, where patients receive high-quality care,  however the community in Ethiopia can not support the quality of medical care and leadership that SCH provides.  In order to not be a burden to the people there, who are in desperate need of medical attention,  we are raising support. We do this so we can go serve those who have much less than many of us could ever imagine.

How long will you be in Ethiopia for?
It will be long-term or indefinitely. COME VISIT!!!!!

What do the boys think about Ethiopia?
The boys are more excited about this than we are, and we are excited. They loved climbing the avocado trees and playing in the red dirt. They just love being outside and Ethiopia is sunny 8-9 months of the year so it is perfect!

What about school the boys?
Yes, the plan is to homeschool however I hold that plan lightly  if there are other options that would work well and still keep our family together.

What does Brad do there?
Brad will work as a hospital administrator seeing to the day-to-day operations of the hospital in Soddo, Ethiopia. This could mean a wide variety of things, we will know more when we get there.

What does Bethany do there?
Bethany will run the home, homeschool the kids and serve as The Lord leads at Soddo Christian Hospital and among the other missionaries who serve there.

Tell me about Soddo Christian Hospital.
This hospital is located in southern Ethiopia and not only provides medical care for the people there, but the doctors and staff pray for each patient as well as providing discipleship.  One of my favourite parts is that Soddo Christian Hospital is also a training hospital, and it trains and disciples Ethiopian doctors and nurses who will continue to serve in Ethiopia.

How can I help? 
It depends. How is God asking you to help? If He says pray, pray- we absolutely are on the frontline even as we prepare to go to Ethiopia. If the Lord says, give than ask Him if you are to give that amount monthly or once a year or that He would lay on your heart what He would have you do. We do need support. We would love to have you join our team. We also need champions, those who will remember us, encourage us, lift us up in prayer in their prayer groups and home churches- those who will be filled with hope when we have been emptied, and those who would stick close no matter the distance we are away.

I also really want to say THANK YOU for your heart that is so generous, we have been blessed over and over and over by the people of the United States. He is building His army here. Praise God!!! And again, thank you.